Swapping Chain

Introduce a new revenue stream to your marketplace business

Start your own curated swap group and earn money for every swap you find your group members.

Be rewarded for helping your group find the perfect swap.

Matching Cashless Exchanges for Collectors

Watch our explainer video to see how.

Provide a bonus your customers
actually want

And get paid for it. Curated groups are perfect for:

FB Buy/sell/swap groups

Mum Groups


Clubs: Social, Auto,
Sporting, Books

Fashion communities

Swap Meet Organisers

….And so many more.

How curated groups work

Create your community and invite members

Encourage members to add and choose items

Earn $2* per swap matched by the swapping chain

* 15% processing fee applies

For just $30/mo you can...



Everything in free plus…

741 swaps earned Jane $1259 in one month

741 swaps earned Jane $1259 in one month

Jane is the admin of a Facebook Mums group with 9000 members.  6000 of those members joined her Swapping Chain group.

She conducted 8 different swapping chains with around 140 people in every chain. In the course of a month and averaged 100 successful swap matches per chain conducted.

Your customers will thank you for helping them find swaps and save money

Received a gift I didn’t fancy, but this app turned it around. Swapped it for something I love. Now, every swap feels like unwrapping the perfect present!

Sophie’s Gifted Swap

Swapping my old watch on this app connected me with fellow watch enthusiasts. Now, my wrist hosts a unique piece with a story. Kudos to the swap community!

Tom’s Timepiece Triumph

Found my tribe on this app! Swapping K-Pop photo trading cards has deepened my interests. Connecting with like-minded individuals is priceless. Community and swaps – a perfect match!

Jenny’s Niche Oasis

Frequently Asked Questions

You can connect with your community in an entirely new and different way.  It allows you to find them swaps and to get paid for it.  it’s also a great way of making new content. 

Great question! You can swap on Swapping Chain for free for as long as you like but you’ve created a following and people love what you do.  You should be paid for helping them find the swaps they want.  You’ve curated a great community and they see the value in it so they will pay you for the service and money saving connections that you offer them.

It’s as easy as creating a group.  When you first create your group you will be taken to the page to invite your members.  You can send them an email through the site or copy a link and share it on your social media page or via email.  As your following grows you can add more members too. 

It relies on a few rules.  Place an item in that someone wants and you will get a swap. If nobody wants your item then you don’t get a swap.  Also, place an item in but you don’t want anything in the pool, then your item doesn’t get taken from the pool. 

Three is the minimum.  And you can have over one thousand. 

Ready to create a new revenue stream?

Host your curated swap group today, earn rewards, and lead your community towards a sustainable future.