Swapping Chain

We help you get the swap you want.

John wants to swap his item for Jane's item but Jane wants to swap her item for Mary's item. But Mary wants to swap her item with Jim. We will solve this problem so everyone gets the swap they want, and we will deliver.

What have you got that you can swap?

Matching Cashless Exchanges for

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Swap and Save. It’s that simple.​

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The perfect swap is now easier to find.

Swap and Save. It’s that simple.​

Easy to use, no negotiation

Free swap matches guaranteed​

Kinder to the planet

Curated, trusted communities​

How Swapping Chain Works

How the Swapping Chain works

Start your own swapping chain or join an existing group

Add your items to the swapping pool and choose the items you want​

Get matched with the swaps and have your item delivered to your door

Unlock the hidden cash value of what you own

We help you get new items without spending any money and creating waste.

Swapping helps you harness the power of the same item multiple times.

Our partners are B corp certified and committed to eco-friendly packaging and delivery

3 ways to find the perfect swap

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In-person Swap Meet

In-person events with a single device finding the groups exchanges
swapping trade

Online Swap Meet

Connect with other group members from any location using delivery for added convenience
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Curate an online Swap group

Make money by finding your group or network the perfect swap

Yes, you can make money from swapping!

Start a Curated group and with the Swapping Chain’s help you will find your group members the swaps they want.
You coordinate the group and in return get paid $2 for every swap the Swapping Chain finds for your group members
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Our customers us

Received a gift I didn't fancy, but this app turned it around. Swapped it for something I love. Now, every swap feels like unwrapping the perfect present!

Sophie's Gifted Swap

Swapping my old watch on this app connected me with fellow watch enthusiasts. Now, my wrist hosts a unique piece with a story. Kudos to the swap community!

Tom’s Timepiece Triumph

Found my tribe on this app! Swapping K-Pop photo trading cards has deepened my interests. Connecting with like-minded individuals is priceless. Community and swaps – a perfect match!

Jenny's Niche Oasis

Frequently Asked Questions

The Swapping Chain is designed to be used by people who know each other.  In our next version we will be building in an escrow service to guarantee swaps so you can swap with strangers.  

You can always send it back or ask for cash instead.  make sure you trade with people you know so there is less chance of this happening. 

We deliver with Sendle.  They are a registered B-Corp and operate at the highest standards. 

It relies on a few rules.  Place an item in that someone wants and you will get a swap. If nobody wants your item then you don’t get a swap.  Also, place an item in but you don’t want anything in the pool, then your item doesn’t get taken from the pool. 

Three is the minimum.  And you can have over 1000. 

The site is entirely free.  We make money from subscriptions for curated group users and we take a cut of every swap they find for their users. 

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Are you looking for a thing of your interest? You can’t afford to buy it, but you can afford to swap for it, right? If so, Swapping Chain is the place!

Matching Cashless Exchanges for

Matching Cashless Exchanges for Collectors

Join or start a group, and you will all place an item into the Swapping Chain. Your item goes to Mary, Mary’s item goes to John, John’s item to Sally, and so on until you get the item you chose. Let our app find your match and do its magic. Don’t buy, Swap!

Available on Google play & App store

Swapping Items Allows You To Make Money

Swapping on the Swapping Chain will always be free but if you’re a keen swapper or collector you can make money with us.

Our curated groups allow you to earn $2 for every swap you find for your group members. for only $30 a month subscription. 

15% fee payable to Swapping Chain for every successful swap made.


Available on Google play & App store

swapping trade